hi i'm alexandra and i like a lot of things.
candor born dauntless transfer. district nine. gryffindor. daughter of ares. crank. group c subject t43- the caster. i'm not very funny.
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make me choose: @breadbooksandbooze Abaddon or Crowley

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Haymitch’s notes are always…interesting. (C)

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23.7.14 Sarooha x/x

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Harry and Liam with fans in Barcelona! 07/08/14

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The Capitol presents the Statuesque Allure, Johanna Mason and the Spirit of Strength, Peeta Mellark.

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I bet Niall has a scrapbook titled ‘My Brothers’ filled with selfies of him with his boys

and not a single picture of Greg

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I will always reblog this. ALWAYS

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